The birth of Chute Lake started approximately a century ago. The combined population of Kelowna and Penticton was a mere 7,000, and the First World War was just wrapping up. A bustling new sawmill on the shore of Chute Lake had a crew of hardworking loggers thinking it was time to build themselves a place to sleep and eat.


Raw materials certainly wouldn’t be an issue, located in the middle of a forest. The crews worked all day turning trees into logs. Soon enough those logs were being hauled from the mill and up a gentle slope to the proposed location of the new bunkhouse.

The Railway

A few years later, the Kettle Valley Railway would arrive, and the mill and freshly built bunkhouse would take on additional roles. It served as a water stop for the steam engines that pulled the passing trains. Enterprising mill workers would even sell some of the large fish they pulled from the lake to the dining carts.


These were the formative years Chute Lake Lodge. Cabins have been added and in the 1980s, the central lodge building nearly doubled in size.  The restaurant was added with lodge rooms above. The railway that ran directly in front was converted into one of the best cycling paths in the province.


Chute Lake Lodge is ripe with history yet yearning for a new story. 
Come and visit. Let’s make history!


With customer service excellence at our heart,  we wish to bring back repeat guests year after year and having them become life long friends of the lodge. We’ll continue to build on more activities for our guests and extend our accommodation offering over the years to come.  

Experience Something New

We are excited and inspired to build something special again and we look forward to welcoming friends from all over the world to experience Chute Lake Lodge.

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